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                               <♦> LAMPHUN <♦>

          Lamphun, the oldest existing city in Thailand and formerly known as Hariphunchai, is another of the many historical sites of Thailand. Founded in 1663 by Queen Chamthewi and integrated into the Lanna Kingdom by King Mengrai in the late 12th century, Lamphun is not only famous for its beautiful women and longans but also for its ancients sites and relics as well as fascinating natural surroundings.
          With an area spanning around 4,506 sq.kilometers, the province is composed of seven amphur (Districts) namely Muang, Pasang. Ban Hong, Mae Tha, Li, Thung Hua Chang, and Ban Thi. It's around 670 kilometers from Bangkok and 26 kilometers from Chinagmai.

♦♦ How to get to Lamphun.
          In Chiangmai, buses leave for Lamphun from the Chang Phueak Bus Station every 15 minutes.

     ≈♦≈ Attractions:
Wat Phra That Hariphunchai.
          Built during the reign of King Athittayarat, sits within the township. It has been repaired, renovated and even expanded over the years. The most interesting feature of this temple is its "chedi" (pagoda), which is 46 meters tall.
          Topped by a nine-tiered "umbrella" of gold that weighs about 6 kilometers, the pagoda base has a square base of 20 meters. A celebration is held here every full moon of the 6 lunar month. Long regards as a major center of worship, the temple offers unique architectural designs such as the ancient-style brick are adorned with intricate designs and a pair of sculptured lions at its door. There are also square-shape chedi and Khmer-style Buddha statue.
Wat Chamma Thewi.
           Ku Kut pagoda, or wat chamma Thewi was built around the mid-700s by Khmer artisans. The pagoda structure is of the square Buddha Gaya-type commonly seen throughout northern India, and dating from the time of the Buddha. More than 60 buddha images are contained within ascending niches. Relics of the legendary Queen Chamma Thewi are housed inside the pagoda.

Wat Phrabat Tak Pha.
          The hilltop Tak Pha buddha Footprints some 16 kilometres from the provincial capital attract pilgrims throughout the year.

 Hariphunchai National Museum.
          Located on the Inthayongyot Road opposite Wat Phra That Hariphunchai is the depository of local achieves exhibiting historical and archaeological finds found in Lamphun. Interesting objects include pre-historical human skeletons, and art objects from Dvaravati, Hariphunchai,Lanna and Rattanakosin periods.
           A hall has been specially provided to a collection of inscription stones in Mon and Lanna scripts. Historical glimpses are provided by an array of ancient utensils, and Lanna indigenous arts and carving. Museum gate opens on Wednesday up to Sundays from 9.00 am. - 4.00 pm. 

Pasang District.
          Take time to visit this handicraft center which is famous for its handmade contton materials mainly produced in Ban nong Nguak. An ancient temple noted for its beautiful arches in indigenous Burmese-style is also found in this village. 

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