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                                  <♦> ZODIAC JEWELS <♦>

January (Garnet).
Capricorn(The Goat).
          January's birthstone, "garnet". is a symbol of faith, truth, grace constancy and lidelity. Legend says garnets protect a house from lightning, dispel sadness and gloom and warn of inpending danger by changing color ancientdream interpreters said that to dream of garnets foretold the accumulation of great riches. Like garnet, the January -born capricorn is a model of constancy and fidelity. 
          Industrious, cautious, practical and realistic, capricorn is a tower of strength but somtimes takes like way too seriously, approaching goals with the determination of the moutain goat that is her symbol.

February (Amethyst).
Aquarius (The water bearer).
          Unpredictable aquarius is a dynamic, visionary, independent thinker who delights in obliterating the staus quo, especially if it means progress. Aquarius don't have ideas. They have super-charged explosions. Free - spirited, passionate aquarius makes frineds faster than bill gates makes money, yet retains a curious aura of distance. The legend of "amethyst", Februry's birthstone, is just a kind of offbeat thing an impulsive water bearer might do.
          The ancient romans believed amethyst was created when BACCHUS the god of wine, was offerd by the goddess Diana. In retaliation, he set hungry tigers upon the beautiful maiden amethyst on her way to woeship at Diana's shrine. In terror, amethyst called out to Diana to save her. Before Bacchus'eyes, she was turned to a pillar of white stone. Regretting his curse, Bacchus poured the juice of a grape over the now-stone maiden, giving amethyst its beautiul violet color.

March (Aquamarine).
Pisces (The Fish).
          It is natural that March's "aquamarine" would be the birthstone for dreamy, romantic pisces, the sign of the fish love and creativity figure strongly in piscean life, much of which is spent in the pursuit of the perfect relationship and / or art, love-smitten pisces will do almost anything to keep relationship a float; likewise, aquamarine was belived to held establish happy marriages or reconcile lovers differences.
          The ancient Greeks used aquamarine often is jewelry, believing it captured the essence and spirit of the sea. They often carved the gem with the head of poseidon, god of the sea. Bloodstone in an alternative birthstone for March.

April (Diamond, Zircon).
Aries (The Ram).
          Fiery aries, the first sign of the sodiaz, is a born leader. The ram is highly confident (some call it ego), dynamic,passionate, impulsive,enthusiastic and ready to grab life by the horns and take charge. Patience isn't aries' strong suit-especially in relationship-but underneath a ram's tendency to headbutt, aries is very sensitive.
          What other birthstone but "diamond" could belong to aries diamonds is the emblem of fearlessness and invincibility, believed to bring victory to the wearer by giving him or her strength, fortitude and courages. The hindus believed diamonds would endow a person with power, riends, riches, good luck and success, while the philosopher cardano cautioned that diamond's fearlessness could actually harm the wearer, because a certain amount of fear and prudence keeps on safe he must have known an impulsive aries of two.

May (Emerald, Jade).
Taurus (The Bull).
          Steady and atable taurus is the salt of the earth. All that hype about being stubborn as a bull, well... it's true. But May-born taurus is also honest, patient and gentle, and friends know they can depend on their favorite bull.
          May's birthstone, "emerald", was believed to strengthen one's psychic abilities, as well as the memory to produce a more eloquent speaker. An emerald worn by one in love would held identify the truth of a lover's word. Emeralds also had a fine reputation as a cure-all; the ancient idea of aspirin, if you will. It was used as an antidote to poison, and reputedly had the power to cure dysentery, leprosy, hemorrhages, eye problems and gastric distress.
June (Pearl, Moonstone).
Germini ( The Twins).
          June-born germini is always enchanted by somthing new whether people, pleases of things. The symbolic twins may inspire an occasional unkind "jekyll and hyde" comment from those who just can't appreciate the never boring aspect of always- changing moods. June's chief birthstone is "pearl", ripe with legends interesting enough to capture gemini's fancy-for a while.
          Ancient writers called pearls dew from heaven, tears of engels or teeth of a Slain Idian God. Pearl were beloved by Roman emperots Caligula And Nero. The latter ruler reportedly built pearl couches for his paramours. Yet pearls were also considered the symbol of chastity and purity.
          June has two other birthstones, moonstone and alexandrite, for those days when changeable gemini just isn't in pearl kind of mood.


July (Ruby).
Cancer (The Crap).
          "Ruby", the birthstone of July is emblem of love-just right for sensitive. shy hombodies like cancer, to the ancient, ruby represented passion, affection, power and majesty, and rubies came to be credited with attracting and retaining reciprocal love, removing obstacles, giving victory and revealing hidden treasures.
          Cancers's perfect treasure can be found in a simpatico partner to share home and heart. Though the astrological symbol is the crab (and moody cancer can behave like one). Rubies of old were frequently associated with dragons, and the ancients believed that wearing rubies in war brought in vulnerabilty.

August (Peridot, Cat's eyes).
Leo (The Lion).
          The Lion in the limelight-that's a leo. The lion is a leader, with a bright and sunny personality that's generally even-tempered, loyal, loving and not to moody. sound ideal? perhaps, but lions need constant stroking and the idea of being less thank king - or queen - of the jungle for even the short time can bring a roar of displeasure but give leo lots of attention and the lion is purring again.
          Just as astrologers associants the sign of leo with the sun, the ancient called August's birthstone "peridot" the "Gem of the sun" this association with the sun probably influenced the belief that peridot could dissolve enchantments's and banish evil spirits, but only when set in gold - just like leo's name. Sardonyx is an alternative birthstone for August.

September (Sapphires).
Virgo (The Virgin).
          "Sapphire" is calming and soothing symbolizing sincerity, constandcy and veracity. Sapphire was considerd a remedy for eye ailments and charm against swellings, boils, ruptures, profuse, perspiration, poisons, melancholy and other bodity malfunctions. 
         What a perfect macth for oderly virgo, who can be a stickler for purity and proper care of the body. If you know somone who's compulsively neat, tiny disciplined and organized at all times, chances are they're born under September's sign. Picky virgo tends to criticize, but is always the first to leave wherever help is needed.

October (Opal).
Libra ( The Scorpion).
          Peace, balance and hamony are what libra seeks. Like its symbol the acales, libra will weigh and measure, consider and reconsider until perfect balance is achieved. Libra is a great diplomat preferring to talk logically rather than fight. So what if people call you indecisive? when you know what you want , you too can make a decision (it's just that it's so hard to know exactly what it is you want).
          "Opal", October's birthstone, has a myriad of beautiful colors at playas though it, too can't decide what to be and so blends all together hamoniously. It has symbolized hope, innocence and purity. Ancients considered it a harbinger of good fortune, and it was thought to banish evil spirits. An opal held between one's eyes sharpened one's sight and gave proper diretion to the thoughts - most usful for libra.

  November (Topaz, Yellow Zircon).
Scorpio ( The Scorpion).
          Like the Scorpion that is its symbol, November - born scorpions have a zing in their personality or somtimes. Make that a sting. Intensely passionnate and with a tendency to be jealous or possessive, scopio often doesn't see that others aren't two timing, they just need their private thinking space, tool fiercely loyal scopions can be unforgivings if they feel their loyalty as been tested.
          Legend says that "topaz", November's birthstone, was discovered on an island in the red sea, so jealously guarded that unauthorized persons approaching it were put to death. (Could it have been guarded by a scorpio?) even those authorized to seek topaz on the island could do so only at night; it was believed the gems revealed their radiance under cover of darkness. Citrine, also a passionate yellow and often mistaken ofr topaz, is an alternate birthstone for

  December (Turquoise, Blue Zircon).
Sagittarius (The Archer).
             Free - spirited sagittarius can't be tied to one place too longeven archers who never leave home need to feel that can at moment's notice.Indenpendent and gregarious. Sagittarius is uaually the life of the party or the class clown. Willing to listen and counsel, sagittarians also make ideal friends. Though their tendency toward brutal honesty can ruffle a few feathearas, but they're usually quick to forgive and forget, so who can stay mad for long ?.
          December's birthstone, "Turquoise". Fits the wandering archer perfectly. The tueks used the stones as amulets on their horses' girdles because turquoise was reputed to render them surefooted and keep over-exerted horses from becoming ill after drinking cold water, turquoise legends sprean from the Turkish/Arabic culture of ancient Spain to the new world when Spanish explorers settled in what is today the American Southwest. Remnants of these rurquoise traditions still influence the design of much American Indian jewelry. An alternative birthstone for December is zircon.

 ♦♦ Birthstones by Month ♦♦
           Certain stones can bring you good luck according to your month of birth.
               1.    January > Garnet
               2.    February > Amethyst
               3.    March > Red Jasper, Blood Stone
               4.    April > Diamond, Sapphire
               5.    May > Emerald, Jade, Green Tourmarine
               6.    June > Emerald, Pearl, Moonstone
               7.    July > Turquoise,Onyx, Ruby
               8.    August >  Periot, Chrsoberyl Cat's eye
               9.    September > Chrysoprase, Sapphire
              10.   October > Opal, Aqumarine
              11.   November > Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Yellow Zircon
              12.   December > Ruby, Turguoise

♦♦ Birthstone by Thai Year Horoscope ♦♦  
          These stones correspond with the year of Thai Horoscope.
                1.  The Rat > Garnet
                2.  The Cow > Moonstone
                3.  The Tiger >  Blue Zircon
                4.  The Rabbit > Emerald
                5.  The Big Snake > Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye
                6.  The Snake >  Diamond
                7.  The Horse > Blue Sapphire, Onyx
                8.  The Goat >  Moonstone
                9.  The Monkey > Yellow Sapphire
               10. The Hen > Garnet
               11. The Dog > Emerald
               12. The Pig > Crysoberyl Cat's Eye

♦♦ Birthstones by Zodiac Horoscope ♦♦
          Wear these stones for good luck based on the international zodiac of your birth.
                1.  Capricorn (22 Dec - 19 Jan)  > Ruby, Garnet
                2.  Aquarius (20Jan - 18 Feb)  > Garnet, Zircon, Amethyst
                3.  Pisces (19 Feb - 20 Mar)  > Amethyst, Aquarmarine
                4.  Aries  (21 Mar - 19 Apr)  > Blood Stone, Diamond
                5. Taurus (20 Apr - 20 May)  > Sapphire, Emerald
                6.  Femini (21 May - 21 Jun)  > Chrysoprose, Pearl, Moonstone
                7.  Cancer  (22 Jun - 22 July)  > Emerald, Moonstone, Ruby, Spinel
                8.  Leo ( 23 July - 22 Aug)  > Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, Peridot
                9.  Virgo  (23 Aug - 22 Sep)  > Blue Sapphire, Green Sapphire
               10. Libra  (23 Sep - 22 Oct)  > Opal, Red Tourmaline
               11. Jade Scorpio (23 Oct - 21 Nov)  > Aquamarine, Blue Zircon
               12. Sagittarius (22 Nov - 21 Dec)  > Topaz, Turquoise

♦♦ Stones for Days of the week ♦♦
If you're the type that must wear a different gem each day, make sure you follow this weekly schedule for good luck!!
               1.  Sunday > Ruby
               2.  Monday >  Moonstone
               3. Tuesday > Coral
               4.  Wednesday > Emerald
               5. Thursday > Chrysoberyl Cat's eye
               6. Friday > Diamond
Saturday > Blue Sapphire, Black Pearl

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