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          You may opt to ride in a motorized sam-lor, also known as "tuk-tuk". Prices are not standard but the ride is quicker. Always bargain with a smile.


Red Pick-Up Cab:
          The most common means of transport is the "red cab". Which looks like covered pick-up truks where passengers sit on back benches. Somtimes, these red cabs are mistaken for regular buses because of their size. others use it as a communal taxi. Before boarding ask where it is going. Pay the driver Bt 20 if there are other passengers. If not, tell him where you're going and ask how much would it cost. Don't hesitate to bargain.


Airport Transfer:
          To get to or out the airport you can take a private limousine or a song-taew (red pick-up cab). Most hotels provide airport transfer.

Train Transfer:
          The Chiangmai-Bangkok route is serviced by three classes that operate from 5 am. - 10 pm. These are the rapid : sprinter and special express classes. Phone reservations are not accepted. Call 053-247462 to check seat availabillity, 053-242094 for advance trip schedules, and 053-245363/-4 for the same-day trips. Or call the Chiangmai depot on Charoenmuang Road at 053-244795 for more information.

Bus Transfer:
               ≈♦ Arcade bus station.
          The arcade is located on the eastern end of Kaew Nawarat Road near the super highway intersection (Highway 118). Call 053-242664 to check schedules. The bus trip from Chiangmai to Bangkok takes about 9 hours. One-way fare is from Bt 403-Bt 605. Most bus companies provide transfer services to and from the arcade. The majority of bus companies are located at the anusarn Market and Saeng tawan Cinema areas.

             ≈♦ Chang Puek Bus Station.
          Located on the southern section of Chotana Road, (053-211586). Here, buses leave for Chiangrai via the northern route (Highway 107), passing through Mae Rim, Mae Taeng, Chiang Dao, Chaiprakarn, Fang, Mae Ai and Thaton from where passengers can take a long-tail boat to Chaingrai: Chiangmai-Thaton, Bt 90 (Fan): Chiangmai-Om Koi, Bt 110 (Fan): Chiangmai-Fang, Bt 120 (Air-con Van). Fare to other destinations depend on distance.

For relatively short distances, you can take a Sam-Lor (pedaled tricycle) for Bt 20- Bt 30 per head. Fare may go up to Bt 40- Bt 50 for longer rides.


                      <♦ Shopping Hotspots In The City ♦>

          Thai market is an excellentplace to hone your bargaining skills. Everythng they sell here can be subject for negotiation. But wet markets don't offer much in terms of choice, unless your plan is to take home fruits or preserved food.

Warorot Market:
          Or as some body called Kad Luang is the most popular market in Chiangmai. When you visit Chiangmai you should come buying and tasting local foods here because this market has reputable localfoods such as Naem(a kind of Thai condiment made from fermented pork), Sai Aue (sauage), Kaeb Moo (pork crackling) Nam Prik (Chill paste) and many more This place is one of symbols of Chiangmai that you should never miss to have a visit. Moreover, there are green groceries for cooking sold in resonable price. Come to buy local foods at Warorot Market.
Night Bazaar:
          The Night Bazaar on Chang Klan Road is probably the largest outlet for local handicrafts. It is also a good place to shop for bargains, especially if you are pressed for time.

Kalare Night Bazaar.
          Kalare Night Bazaar is the one and only shopping centre in the heart of the city of Chiangmai where all gifts, crafts and souvenirs can be found. Delight in the choices offered at the food centre and the outdoors beer garden where you can enjoy traditional Thai marionette and traditional Thai dancing performances, making for a memorable experience.

Ban Tawai Village:
          Located at the renowned Ban Tawai, Hang Dong District, 140 woodshops offer a wide selection of the finest handmade wooden products crafted by true artisans of the village. Available in many different sizes , patterns, colors, and shaps, an antique Lanna Stye cabinet is the most outstanding piece of work, which attracts people who are looking for decorative items for home and offices, particularly those who are fond of Lanna art. As we wondered about the showrooms, attentive but discreet shop owers and staffs are ready to present their displayed works, which are exquisitely producted by caring hands.

♦♦ OFFICE: 152/110 Moo 2, Tambon Changphuek, Amphur Muang, Chiangmai 50300,Thailand. ♦♦
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