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     ♦♦ Round Trip Including Gasoline (Half Day):
⇒1. Doi Suthep Temple               Bt. 1000
⇒2. Doi Suthep & Phuping Palace            Bt. 1200
⇒3. Doi Suthep & Meo Hilltribe Village                  Bt. 1300
⇒4. Sankampang Borsang                    Bt. 700
⇒5. Elephant Mae Rim                  Bt. 1200
⇒6. Lamphun & Temple                      Bt. 1500

     ♦♦ Round Trip Including Gasoline (Full Day):
⇒1. Elephant Mae Rim Area             Bt. 2000
⇒2. Sankampang & Hot Spring                  Bt. 2000
⇒3. Doi Inthanond National Park                        Bt. 2800
⇒4. Lampang Province & Temples                      Bt. 2800
⇒5. Chiangrai one Day                      Bt. 3800

      ♦♦ Package Rental Rates:
Within Chianfmai City:  Bt. 300 per hour (minimun 2 Hrs.)
Rental Time for 1 Day  (08.30 am. -18.00 pm.)
Rental per day (Gasoline not includes)  Bt. 1500-1800 


        ♦♦ ATTRACTIONS:
¤– Mae Sa Snake Farm.
          The farm is located approximately on km.3 along the Mae Rim Samoeng route. It is home to various kinds of snakes native to Thailand. The farm, which also conducts snake breeding, provides 30 minute snake shows daily.


¤– Mae Sa Waterfall.
          This famous 8-tiered waterfall which is located at km.7 along the Mae Rim-Samoeng route is situated in a natural setting among towering trees and has a lovely breeze flowing throughout the year. It is an ideal recreational spot for both residents and visitors.

¤– Bungy Jumping.
          For an adrenaline rush, Bungee Jumping in Chiangmai operates in accordance with New Zealand Standards. It is a fully licensed and insured company , which operates from 09.00 am. to 06.00 pm. daily. The site is located at Mae Rim District, a lakeside bar and restaurant are also available.

¤–Monkey Show.
          Don't miss your only chance in Northern Thailand to experience these amazing animals. Both educational and entertaining. We have something for everyone and all ages.
          Here's Khaolarm. Visit him and his friends to see how they fetch coconuts from the tree tops, how they perform to Michael Jardan trick. Only at Mae Rim Monkey school.

¤– Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden.
           Located near km. 12 along the Mae Rim Samoeng route, the botanical garden has a fine collection of Thai and foreign plants. Visitors can drive around the area and stop by the Thai orchid Breeding Center. The garden is open daily from 8.30 - 4.00 pm.


Chiangmai Zoo.
          Situated on 531 rai of verdant forest a the foot of Doi Suthep mountain. Chiangmai Zoo is surrounded by hilly terrain that is home to thousands of species of wild plants and flowers adorning the natural landscape of valleys, streams and waterfalls.
          Chiangmai Zoo is the first and only Zoo in the North where visitors can experience the excitement and intimacy of various kinds of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium.
          Chiangmai Zoo Aguarium is a living museum that boasts South East Asia's longest and most spacious underwater pathways-crystal clear "Sea Tube" tunnels that place the observer directly in the center of enormous 360 degrees aquatic habitats. Each of six individual exhibits showcase a distinct environment, completely self-contained, and carefully populated with an authentic cross-section of native species.
          This exclusive arrangement allows fersh water and salt water creatures to coexist under one roof, alongside representative territories from other significant ecosystems. The inspiration for this astonishing concept comes from the great Maekong River itself and exhibits at the aqurium-as it represents the major waterway that feeds and quenches the thirst of millions of people across the six neighboring countries that its waters sustain.
          As one of the planet's great ecosystems with nearly 250 species of marine creatures, the Maekong serves as symbol of the diversity that the Chiangmai Zoo Aqurium seeks to replicate. Thus, it brings together thousands of examples of exotic marine life from around the world to their new home, living together in a heaven thousands of miles from their native environment, and cared for by their attentive human custodians. 

¤– Chiangmai Night Safari.
          Chiangmai night safari is located in the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park area of Mae Hea and Nong-Kwai district in Hang Dong and Suthep District in Muang, Chiangmai province. The total area in 131 hectares. It take only 10 km. driving from the town central to Chiangmai Night safari.
         Chiangmai night safari was established as evening and night tourist attraction. It is the first night safari is committed to be a world class destination and is constantly upgrading to international tourism standard. Exhibition zone is divided in three main areas: Savanna Safari, Predator Prowl and Jaguar Trail.
          The has three different sections : the "Savannah Safari" which consists of herbivores and other prey animals ; the "Predator Prowl" which takes visitors through an environment populated by lions, tiger and bears ; the "Musical Foundtain" with water screen.
          Its nightly program includes the Jaguar Trail at 6 to 10.30 pm., the Predator Prowl at 7.45 pm. and 9.30 pm., the Savanna Safari at 8.30 pm. and 10.15 pm., and the Musical Fountain Show at 8.00 pm. and 9.10 pm.
          Admission fee is Bt500 for adults and Bt300 for children.
         The Safari is open during the daytime for the Jarguar Trail. Admission is Bt100 for adults and Bt50 for children.


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